Our Tips to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

Days are getting shorter, sweater weather is here and leaves are turning red. There is no doubt, fall has arrived! 

Pool maintenance

Installing a new pool in your backyard can be very exciting for the whole family! Although, to fully enjoy your new acquisition and for many years, you must take good care of it.

The essentials for a safe move

You are amongst those moving in the peak season this year?

Our tips to enlarge a room

You wish you could increase the size of a small room without breaking walls?

Decorating white walls without painting

White walls are a timeless classic. They never go out of style and bring plenty of light to the different rooms in the house. .

Key elements to prepare your outdoor space for the summer

One of the greatest pleasures of summer is to enjoy the backyard as much as possible, and it is a lot more inviting when the layout is nice.

Our 2023 favourites

Always looking out for the latest home fashion trends, the Canac team knows how to find the most recent items. You have renovations or construction underway?

How to restore a piece of furniture

Restoring an old piece of furniture is a great way to give an original touch to a room at a small price. In addition, this type of project is quite simple.

How to get started with a vegetable garden

There is an increasing number of people who are willing to install a vegetable garden in their backyard. You want to give it a try too, but don’t know where to start?