Everything Set at the Correct Height

Aesthetics is quite important when you plan a renovation, and so is ergonomics. Here are a few design standards that you should know before starting your project.

DIY sleek wine bottle holder

Fine wine lovers will enjoy this bottle holder to honour their best vintages. This woodworking project can be executed on your own with a minimal budget.

Blog post: Children’s toybox

Tired of seeing your kids’ toys strewn all over the floor? Here’s a neat little project for a fun toybox that will perfectly match your decor!

1 gallery wall, 3 ways

A gallery wall is a simple and effective way to create a focal point in your decor.

10 elf pranks to copy and paste

The little prankster elves will soon be back in your houses to do some mischief! To inspire them, we've come up with some ideas to recreate at home, to the delight of young and old alike. Are you ready to welcome them?

Everything you need to prepare for the cold season

5 tips and tricks to welcome fall.

Welcoming fall in comfort

The fall season makes you want a change of decor? Let yourself be inspired by the latest decorating trends and refresh your interior spaces!


Building a half-wall covered with panelling is an easy way to add a point of interest to your bedroom.


Our buyers Mélanie, Véronique, Mélissa and Lynda are passionate about decorating, and each year they offer you the latest trends in materials and decorative accessories in store. Here are the ones that have particularly caught their attention this season!