Privacy Protection

This privacy protection policy governs the collection, the communication, and the use of personal information by Canac-Marquis Grenier Ltd. (hereafter “Canac”). It also governs non-personalized information collected through our website.


This policy applies to personal information as defined in the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector; that is, all information concerning an individual and which enables that individual to be identified.

Note that all Canac stores are equipped with video surveillance cameras to ensure security and prevention.


Collection of Personal Information


Canac may ask you to provide personal information in one or more of the following circumstances:

  1. When purchasing or ordering our products or services;
  2. When placing a special order;
  3. When requesting delivery service;
  4. When renting tools or other products from Canac;
  5. When loaning a material sample;
  6. When opening a customer account;
  7. When applying for credit;
  8. When requesting information or a price quote regarding our products and services;
  9. When requesting a repair or when the legal warranty is applicable;
  10. When returning, exchanging or refunding a product;
  11. When consulting our website (see this policy for further information about consulting our website);
  12. In the event of an incident involving you in one of our stores and if this incident causes material or physical damage to a representative or an employee of Canac, a third party, or yourself.
  13. At the time of a contest organized by Canac;
  14. At the time of a survey conducted by Canac in which you have agreed to participate;
  15. When communicating with us.

Depending on the applicable situation, you could be asked for the following personal information, in particular: your last and first names, your address, your postal code, your telephone number, your email address, a piece of identification.


The Use of Personal Information


Canac uses collected personal information for the following purposes, in particular:

  1. Protecting against fraud and errors;
  2. Providing you with adapted services and carrying out these services in a consistent and complete manner (transactions, purchases, special orders, deliveries, payments made to the customer account, returns, refunds or exchanges, etc.);
  3. Helping you visit and communicate with us;
  4. Offering you services and support;
  5. Ensuring your satisfaction and conducting follow-ups in this respect;
  6. Improving your shopping experience and our products and services;
  7. Establishing and maintaining healthy business relationships and healthy relationships with our customers;
  8. When you consent, informing you about our products, services, and special offers, as well as the best way for you to benefit from them. This information may be provided to you in a targeted manner, all according to the interests that you have indicated at the time of creating your user profile;
  9. Producing statistics, but in this instance, the said statistics will not contain any personally identifiable information;
  10. Complying with the laws in effect.

Collected personal information will be used solely for the purposes stated or for more specifically stated purposes at the time when you provide your personal information.


Disclosure of Personal Information


Canac will not disclose your personal information to third parties, except if you have previously consented to such communication or if this communication results from an express request on your behalf. If necessary, you will be informed of such communication.


Agents and Third Parties


Canac may offer certain products and services provided by agents and third parties, in particular: processing credit card transactions, delivery services, installation or repair services. As part of our service offer, it is possible that personal information may be disclosed to these third parties so that they can perform their duties in a consistent manner.

If Canac merged with another company, if Canac sold the whole or part of its assets to another company, or if Canac was being financed by another company, the personal information in its possession could be disclosed to the amalgamating company, the purchasing company, or the lending company, depending on the circumstances. This personal information would be used in accordance with this policy.

Note that personal information held by Canac may be disclosed within the context of a search warrant, an investigation, or any other procedure provided for under a law or a court order. This information may also be disclosed to in investigative body regarding the breach of an agreement or the violation of a law. This information may also be disclosed where required by law.

Note that we reserve the right to disclose your personal information as part of a recovery process to help us collect a debt owed to us by you.


Withdrawal of Consent


You can withdraw your consent as to what Canac uses or discloses of your personal information at all times. Please submit any such request of withdrawal of consent in writing to the following email address: Note that we may thereafter demand a proof of identity allowing us to identify you.

You should be aware that withdrawing your consent to the use or disclosure of your personal information may, in some cases, make it impossible to carry out a transaction, a return, an exchange, or a refund, or provide you with one or several products or services.


Access to Personal Information About You


You can access personal information about you that is in Canac’s possession. You can also request a correction or an update of this information if necessary. Either one of these requests should be sent in writing to the following email address: Note that we may thereafter demand a piece of identity or any other means of identification in order to ensure us that either of these requests is being made by the right person, that the personal information requested is disclosed to the right person, or that the corrections requested and to be brought are exact.




For all questions relating to privacy protection, please contact the Chief Privacy Officer.

Chief Privacy Officer
5355, boul. des Gradins
Québec (Québec)
G2J 1C8

Information Collected Through Our Website


Canac, through the website, collects information regarding pages visited, URL addresses used on this site, the browser type used, and the Internet Protocol address (IP address). Most of this data is collected through cookies or other analysis technologies.

The pages of our website use cookies and web beacons. This data is collected through our website in order to inform us of the use, the performance, and the efficiency of our website. This non-personalized information allows us to improve the content and the use of our website and collect information on the browsing habits of our clientele.




A cookie is a small data file transmitted from a website to the browser that you use to consult this website. Cookies are transmitted when you consult our website, request or personalize information, or when you register to receive certain services through our website. Cookies are saved in the cache memory of your browser. Cookies do not disclose any personal information to our website. In general, cookies can be distinguished between “session” and “permanent” cookies.

“Session” cookies do not remain on your computer after leaving our website or after closing your browser. All of the information collected allows us to analyze the browsing habits concerning our website, which helps us to, in particular, improve and adapt the website content and simplify its use.

“Permanent” cookies are those that remain on your computer. They are used to simplify personalization and registration services. In particular, these cookies inform us of what you have chosen to look at when visiting our website or allow us, if you have a user profile, to recognize when you browse our website (access to your user profile, however, requires your password). “Permanent” cookies can be manually deleted by the user.

Most browsers are defaulted to accept cookies, but you generally have the option of refusing or limiting them by modifying your browser preferences. If you decide to refuse them, be aware that certain functions of our website run the risk of not properly functioning and certain pages may not appear correctly. We encourage you to consult your browser options for further details about using and deactivating cookies.


Web Beacons


The electronic newsletters in HTML format use web beacons in addition to cookies to generate statistics on website use. A web beacon is a single pixel (1x1) or transparent GIF electronic image. They can recognize certain types of information on a visitor's computer, such as the visitor’s cookie number, the hour and access date of a page, and the page description where the web beacon is found. You can deactivate certain web beacons by rejecting the cookies associated with them­.


Canac is committed to protecting the personal information that you share with us. In order to avoid any unauthorized access or disclosure and to ensure the correct use of this information, Canac has established physical, electronic, and human procedures aimed at securing collected information. Canac will conserve your personal information only as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.


The recommendations stated on the website are provided for informational purposes only and Canac cannot be held responsible for results that would be different than those intended in the said statements.


This policy as well as the Canac Terms of Use, the Canac Terms of Sale, the Canac Return Policy, and the Canac Gift and Promotional Card Policy may be modified by Canac at any time. Modifications set forth herein will be posted on the website

September 2022