Pro Grout Xtreme Epoxy Grout & Mortar 1 L Arctic White

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New generation all-in-one epoxy resin Grout AND Mortar system. For interior use in moist areas (above ground) and on walls and counters in residential and commercial installations that require a superior resistance.

• Used as a jointing grout :
when the joint width is between 0.8 mm (1/32 in.) and 12 mm (1/2 in.). Scratch-free product: contains neither sand nor silica.

• Used as an industrial class mortar adhesive :
for most tiling, paving, and natural stone sensitive to moisture, such as marble.

A PROMA «Super Setting Technology» product: extended working time, ultra creamy consistency and easy to use for setting tile. No VOC*.

• Content : Resin (1), Hardness (1), Powder (1).

*VOC: Volatile organic compounds.

The colour sample is for reference purposes only. Please vist a store for exact shades.