AYR-FOIL A2V Aluminum / White Bubble Wrap Insulation 4 ft. x 12.5 ft.

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High-performance insulation composed of two layers of air bubbles laminated between aluminum foil on one side and white polyethylene on the other (protects against UV rays). Quick and easy installation on interior and exterior and on existing insulation. A reliable, long-lasting vapour barrier (100% watertight).

Common uses: walls and ceilings, crawl spaces, interior restoration, concrete blocks (foundation walls), metal buildiings, air and water pipes, water heater insulation, etc.
Concrete slabs: Concrete is normally poured on the white surface of the A2V.

R Value: Due to their special design, the AYR-FOIL reflecting insulators have R-4 thermal resistance values according to the installation methods and the thermal flow direction.