5-1/4 in. Bellara Steel Siding Traditional Finish Cambridge White

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Horizontal outdoor siding made of 26-gauge steel. Strong, durable and low maintenance, this siding is resistant to bumps and dents. Resist mildew and won’t warp, crack, peel, chip or burn.

The traditional finish provides a modern and uncluttered style without the complications of genuine wood siding. Each carton comes with 5 grain pattern variations for a natural look. The Bellara siding is easy to install, without visible screws and does not require specialized tools. Cambridge white.

Each package covers 52.5 ft².
(contains ten(10) 5-1/4 in. x 12 ft. boards).
Requires 90 screws #8 x 1 in. per box.

*The sample colour is for reference purposes only. Find your exact colour in one of our stores or see a few sidings arranged together to determine a colour.

In-store special order only (non-returnable).
In-store delivery : 10 working days.