300 W Floor Heating System

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Québec (L’Ancienne-Lorette)
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Free cable floor heating system. Thermal radiant heating for constant and uniform heat. Can be used as a secondary thermal source by heating floor, thus maintaining floor covering at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Also can serve as a primary heat source in a room (ambien floor heating) to provide uniform and enveloping warmth. Since the comfort level is not dependent on air temperature, the thermostat setting can be lowered 3 to 5 degrees without adverse effects. 300 W, 240 V. Covers surfaces up to 25 ft² at 3 in. (12 W/ft²) intervals or up to 33 ft² at 4 in. (9 W/ft²) intervals. Plastic installation strapping, 10 ft. floor sensor, 13 ft. 2 in. cold lead and electrical fault indicator included. Warning: never cut or shorten the heating cable.