Tokyo White/Grey Marble Deco Brick Corners

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$20.91 / SF
$73.13 / BX
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The beauty of imperfection !
Resembling at every angle to real conventional bricks, the Manubric design lets all renovators, even the less experienced, to easily change an interior decoration in only one day, without any heavy manipulation, dirty work and this at an affordable cost.

Plaster-base outside corner bricks to avoid unnecessary cutting and to facilitate installation of your brick walls. Faithful detailed reproduction of weathered bricks providing a natural appearance.

Features :
• Indoor use only
• High quality made
• Durable : will never become fragile or tarnish over the years
• Ultralight : can be installed on any surface without structural modifications
• Fireproof up to 1 010° C
• Does not emit smoke or toxic fumes
• No maintenance : dusting as needed
• Paintable
• Sold in a 3.5 ft² box

In-store special order only (non-returnable).
In-strore delivery : 7-14 working days.