Spyder Mini Electric Pressure Washer 1500 PSI

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With a height of only 15.5 in., Spyder Mini's footprint is very small, yet packs the power of much larger machines with output rated at 1500 psi @ 1.2 gpm. Innovations like built in 4 wheel steering allows the user to manouver this machine easily, in any direction. Low center of gravity to avoid machine tip over. High quality gun & hose with built in adjustable fan spray. Added value : 500 ml high pressure foam cannon.

Perfect for: Vehicle, patio furniture, fencing, stairs, garage floor, driveway, deck or patio.

• Pro style gun with QC fittings
• 15 ft. hose & 35 ft. power cord
• Total stop system
• Added value : 500 ml high pressure foam cannon