Satin Finitec 6000 Water-Based Furniture and Woodworks Finish 1 L

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L’Ancienne-Lorette | Paint - Row 12A
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The Finitec 6000 water-based finish for furniture and woodworks is easy flowing and gives a transparent and crystal look. Suitable for furniture, woodworks, cupboards, decorative and other wood objects.
•Coverage : 165 sq. ft. (15 m²).
•Water based, low VOC, odorless and non-toxic.
•Can be applied with a Finitec applicator, a brush, a spray gun or with a 10 mm roller.
•Can be applied over an old oil or water based finish.
•Luster at 60°: Satin (25%).
• Excellent resistance to chemicals.
•Resistance to abrasion: mass loss of 21 mg (Taber test, 1000 revolutions, ASTM D-4060).
•Drying time: To touch: 1 hour, between coat: 2 to 3 hours, light contact: 4 hours, first wet cleaning: 10 days, complete cure: 10 days.