Pro Superprime 1C Acrylic Primer 1.89 L

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Universal, premium-quality, highly concentrated, solvent-free acrylic primer used for priming most substrates.

Features :
• Ready-to-use
• Use to create tenacious bonds to nearly any substrate
(plywood and wood subfloors, concrete surfaces, resin-based floor coatings, homogeneous PVC, wellbonded VCT/VAT, cutback and adhesive residue, gypsum, cement or epoxy terrazzo, steel, copper, lead, stainless steel, quarry and ceramic tile, porcelain, granite and marble)
• Use in place of shot-blasting and scarifying, saving valuable time and money
• Use to prime substrate for increased adhesion with self-leveling underlayments, toppings and setting materials
• Apply easily with a push broom
• Reduce substrate porosity
• For interior institutional, commercial and residential applications