Prima Mat Finish Latex Paint Base 1 & Colours 927 ml

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Québec (L’Ancienne-Lorette)
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Paint + primer 2-in-1 made in Québec.

Epoxy fortified micro acrylic interior (latex) paint, integrated primer and anti-mold additive. Use for new or pre-painted surfaces. Ideal for doors, trims, high traffic areas. Soft mat finish. Base 1 and colours**.

• Ultra smooth technology giving a soft touch finish
• Gives the highest durability
• Ultra washable
• Anti adhesive technology
• Repels dust and stain
• Mildew resistant
• Silicone Micelle technology : creates a barrier against water and steam
• VOC-free* (before adding colorants)

Formula :
Epoxy-silane : for a durable and highly resistant finish.
Micro acrylic : creates a finer and stronger acrylic that provides more coverage.
Silicone-based additive : forms a protective layer on the surface of the paint film to give it a smoother and softer look that is resistant to water and moisture.

Covering capacity may vary according to porosity, surface texture, and the presence of colourant.

*VOC : Volatile Organic Compounds.
**Colours: In-store preparation only.
Tinting bases are required for colour preparation. The original base content may vary according to the formula prepared in order to enable the addition of dye.