Luxura Kitchen and Bathroom Latex Paint Natural White 18.9 L

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$174.95 / EA
Québec (L’Ancienne-Lorette)
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All-in-one paint and primer. Made in Québec self-sealing product for most new or already painted surfaces.

100% interior acrylic latex paint. VOC-free* (before colourant is added). Contains an anti-mould and mildew preservative. Formulated specifically for application on kitchen and bathroom walls, but also suits all room surfaces of the house. Soft gloss finish.. High-hiding, ultra-washable, and resistant to stains and mould (superior anti-microbial protection). High hiding and covering capacity (2 500 to 2 700 ft² per 18,9 L) according to porosity, surface texture, and the presence of colourant. Natural white & colours**.

*VOC: Volatile organic compounds.