Formule Pro Extra Platinum Latex PaintNatural White & Colours 3.7 L

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Québec (L’Ancienne-Lorette)
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Formule Pro Extra latex paint made in Québec.

Interior finish developed from an acrylic polymer resin, with low VOC* emissions. Platinum finish suitable for walls of any room requiring a finish you can wash and scrub. Easily applied to a multitude of previously primed or painted latex surfaces. Covering capacity of 450-500 ft² per 3.78 L according to porosity, surface texture, and the presence of colourant. Natural white & colours**.

*VOC: Volatile organic compounds (contains less than 90 g of VOC per litre).
**Colours: In-store preparation only. Tinting bases are required for colour preparation. The original base content may vary according to the formula prepared in order to enable the addition of dye.