Denalt Solid Colour Base Exterior Stain 3.7 L

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Denalt solid, water-based stain for preserving the natural beauty of wood. Formula contains an additive that makes the stain penetrate deeper into wood for exceptional durability without chipping. Colour base*.

• For horizontal and vertical surfaces, 2 coats necessary.
• 2-in-1 stain and sealant.
• UV Blocker Technology protects wood from splitting.
• Water base with penetrating additive for a waterproof finish.
• Contains a mould-resistant agent.
• Suited for cedar (non-tested, torrefied wood).
• Formulated in Québec.
• Satin matte finish.

*Colours: In-store preparation only.
Tinting bases are required for colour preparation. The original base content may vary according to the formula prepared in order to enable the addition of dye.