Dehumidifier 16,6 L (35 Pints)

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Dehumidifier with electronic controls. Up to 16,6 L (35 pint*) of water extraction per day.
For spaces up to 2000 ft² (depending on conditions).
Full tank indicator & auto cut-off.
LED display
Opening for direct connection to floor drain.
2-speed fan
Auto defrosting.
Easy-to-clean, removable air filter.
6 L tank capacity
Omni-directional casters
Energy Star certified.

*American (US) liquid pint

The new US Department of Energy (DOE) standard tests dehumidifiers at 18 °C rather than 27 °C. This has the effect of lowering the expressed value of the volume of water extracted per day. What this practically means: a 30-pint* dehumidifier from previous years will now be called 20-pint*, a 40-pint* will become 30-pint* and a 70-pint* will become 50 pint*. These changes do not affect the performance of the dehumidifiers, it is simply the environment in which they are tested that has changed. *American (US) liquid pint