Bizzo Recycled Paper Wall Covering White (Fireproof)

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The first and unique wall covering made of recycled paper, for a thoughtful ECOlogical footprint !

FIREPROOF wall covering creates a perfect concrete imitation for interior wall deco. This insulating, soundproofing covering is ready to install on all surfaces (drywall, wood, concrete, wall paper, and mirror). Easy and quick installation with glue or nails. Use a simple utility knife or with a miter saw to cut the panels. It can also be painted to match your decor.

• White (integrated colour)
• 2 different patterns make your walls stand out
(Each box contains 66% bevelled parts in one direction and 33% bevelled in the other direction. In addition, some parts are thicker than others to create the rough look of concrete.)
• Sold in a 13.02 ft² box

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