Aquastop Laminate Flooring 12 mm Mixed Wood Grey

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Aquastop water resistant* laminate flooring. Ideal for kitchen, bathroom, corridor, and basement. The AC5 grade/class 33 offers a high resistance to wear.

Rustic saw cut (RU) finish. V-shaped micro-bevel edge joints with harmonized colours on all 4 sides gives hardwood flooring appearance.

5G installation system for quick and easy installation, even in hard-to-reach areas. Front end interlocks with back end by applying light pressure.

Sold in a 14.33 ft² box.
Mixed Wood Grey (various colours in one box to create a distictive look).

*72 hours : Gives more than triple the resistance to water than regular laminate floors. Protection against everyday household spills and pet messes.

Materiel conforms to E1 European classification standards, which limits harmful emissions, such as formaldehyde.