Air Exchanger with Heat Recovery Nektra 150

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Nektra 150 heat recovery air exchanger. The heat recovery air exchanger (HRV) improves the air quality and comfort of the home by removing stale air and replacing it with fresh, well-oxygenated air. The patented aluminum heat recovery core exchances heat from the exhaust air to the incoming air. Energy-efficient: EnergyStar certified. Washable air filters. Uses 5 in. diameter flexible duct (sold separately).
Designed for an area of up to 2,000 ft².
Digital display.
5-speed fan.
Electronic dehumidistat.
5 selectable operating modes: continuous recirculation. continuous ventilation, ventilation 20 min / recirculation 40 min, ventilation 20 min / stop 40 min, ventilation 10 min / stop 50 min.
High Speed override button 20/40/60 min.

Installation kit 3281009 sold separately.