Acacia Kitchen Countertop 25 1/2 in. x 96 in.

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Chevron natural wood* countertop, reveal the unique and exotic beauty of acacia. A trendy look with a high quality surface. Acacia wood surfaces, whichever their finish, require very little maintenance. Recognized for centuries for its durability, acacia wood enjoys a resurgence in popularity thanks to its trendy natural tones. Eco-friendly and easy to install. Multi-purpose applications: kitchen and bathroom counter, desk, table, workspace, shelf, etc.

*Natural wood : A protective varnish must be apply on each surface to preserve the countertop and to enhance the colour’s brightness.

In-store samples and website pictures are intended to be representative of the goods in stock.
HOWEVER, there can be subtle differences in colour as wood is a natural material. Its colour and grain may vary. At all times, verify all the criteria of the received products BEFORE you install it. Once installed, the product will be considered to be compliant and accepted by the customer.

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