10-Step Black Aluminum Stair Riser

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The easiest way to build a solid and lasting long staircase!

This prefabricated stair riser is light and easy to manipulate. It will highlight your staircase and add a finishing touch to your house.
Stair risers sold individually. Staircase construction requires 2, 3, or 4 risers according desired step length.

Its aluminum structure, creates superior solidity and safety. Ready to for steps and guardrail to be attached. Can be used perfectly with steel, wooden, fiberglass, etc. steps and guard rails.

Composed of two sections: 2 sections of 5 steps joined by a beam inside the tubes offers excellent resistance. Supports and reinforcements as well as all bolts are included. Easy to assemble.

Durability : Baked powder coating finish. It requires no maintenance. Black.

Steps sold seperately.

In-store special order only (non-returnable).
In-store delivery : 5 working days.