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Gloss Finitec 3000 Water-Based Floor Finish 3,64 L - 5031011
Gloss Finitec 3000 Water-Based Floor Finish 3,64 L - 5031011

Gloss Finitec 3000 Water-Based Floor Finish 3,64 L

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Model Number: 81403
Product code 5031011
Display price (Web override)92,49$


  • Description

    CART.PNG  BUY ONLINE, PICK UP IN-STORE The Finitec 3000 Water-Based polyurethane hardwood floor Varnish is easy to apply with the Finitec applicator or a 3/8” roller and gives an outstanding resistance to wood floors all-around the house. Self-sealing, it dries fast and allow a one-day application.
    • Self-sealing – Ultra resistant for residential traffic.
    • Coverage : 600 sq. ft. (56 m²).
    • Water based, low VOC, odorless and non-toxic.
    • Can be applied with a Finitec applicator, a «T-bar», brush, spray gun or with a 10 mm roller.
    • Can be applied over an old oil or water based finish.
    • Non-yellowing.
    • Luster at 60°: Gloss (90%).
    • Excellent resistance to chemicals.
    • Resistance to abrasion: mass loss of 37 mg (Taber test, 1000 revolutions, ASTM D-4060).
    • Drying time: To touch: 1 hour, between coat: 2 to 3 hours, light traffic: 4 hours, replace furniture: 24 hours, replace rugs and carpets: 10 days, complete cure: 10 days.

    This product will be delivered in store within 3 business days.


    Produits de Plancher Finitec Inc. certifies that this product is free from manufacturing defect. The user assumes all responsability for use in accordance with instructions. Manufacturer's responsibility is limited to the replacement of the product. Service Center: 1-888-838-4449

    No returns on web exclusive products.
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