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Add-on Motion Detector <br />(Sensor only) - 4071036
Add-on Motion Detector <br />(Sensor only) - 4071036
Add-on Motion Detector <br />(Sensor only) - 4071036
Add-on Motion Detector <br />(Sensor only) - 4071036
Add-on Motion Detector <br />(Sensor only) - 4071036
Add-on Motion Detector <br />(Sensor only) - 4071036

Add-on Motion Detector
(Sensor only)

Model Number: SK615
Product code 4071036
Display price (Web override)61,00$


  • Description

    CART.PNG  BUY ONLINE, PICK UP IN-STORE Add security or convenience to your home, business, or cottage with Ideal Security’s motion sensors. When linked or connected to one of our receivers, alarms, or remote dialers, this sensor will alert you to any movement within a range of up to 26 ft.

    The SK615 is battery operated and wireless and doesn't feature a built-in alarm, but sends a signal to a wireless receiver. The range to the receiver is approximately 250 feet (80 meters) without obstruction.

    Link your SK615 with a wireless receiver such as :
    • SK626 indoor/outdoor siren
    • the alarm/chime combo included in the SK698 starter kit
    • SK623 garage door alert
    • or with one of our telephone dialers for remote notifications (SK618, SK633, SK642).
    Each of these receivers can be paired with multiple motion sensors or other types of sensors (water, power, temperature, contact ...). Read the details on the specific receiver for more information.

    Always test the range before installing permanently.
    The viewing distance of the sensor lens is 26 feet and the angle 110 degrees.

    Delivery : 5-10 working days


    No returns on web exclusive produits.
    Only products with manufacturing defects will be accepted.
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    Media description

    SK615 Ideal Security Motion Detector :

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