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Pylex Deck Storage Drawer - 6041133
Pylex Deck Storage Drawer - 6041133
Pylex Deck Storage Drawer - 6041133
Pylex Deck Storage Drawer - 6041133
Pylex Deck Storage Drawer - 6041133
Pylex Deck Storage Drawer - 6041133

Pylex Deck Storage Drawer

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Model Number: 12080
Product code 6041133
Display price (Web override)198,00$


  • Description

    CART.PNG  BUY ONLINE, PICK UP IN-STORE An economical and clever storage solution which transforms the unused space under your deck into a sturdy and functional drawer!

    Heavy duty deck storage drawer galvanized hardware. Has a PVC membrane which deviates water and keeps the articles inside dry, allowing usage all year round. Metal handle (lockable) included. Easily harmonized: cover its exterior with the same covering as your patio and it blends into your decor. It can store numerous articles: umbrellas, tires, toys, etc.
    Easy to open and close (even for a child) due to the ball-bearing slides.

    Supports a spread out load up to 250 lb.
    Several dimensions possible: height 6 in. to 24 in., width 12 in. to 48 in. and length 48 in. to 96 in. (wood, plywood sold separately)

    In-store delivery : 5 working days.


    No returns on Web Exclusive products.
    Only products with manufacturing defects will be accepted.
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    Pylex Deck Storage Drawer Hardware Kit #12080

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