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Don’t put off your decoration and renovation projects any longer! Make your projects a reality today with the Accord D Financing Plan, which lets you buy now and pay later!

This plan is applicable to all purchases totalling $300 or more (taxes included).


• 6-Month Equal Instalment Plan: no fee, no interest financing.1

• Combined Plan: financing includes a 2-month grace period (no charge, no interest, no payment) and over 36 months of equal installments with 13.5% interest for purchases less than $2,500 or with 8.9% interest for purchases over $2,500.

Accord D is ideal if you need a simple, fast, and flexible financing solution to a variety of personal projects. Accord D financing is the second credit limit available on your Desjardins VISA credit card. If you do not have a Desjardins VISA credit card, apply for it in person at your caisse, by phone, or online at desjardins.com. It’s quick and easy. Create an account and you will receive one of two financing plans.2.


1 Subject to approval by Desjardins Card Services credit department. Certain conditions apply. See store for details. Visa Int./Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, authorized user.

2 Subject to approval by Desjardins Card Services credit department. The first monthly instalment is billed on the account statement following the purchase. Monthly installments are included in the minimum amount owed on the credit card. No interest will be applied on the monthly instalment if the minimum amount is paid before the due date appears on the monthly account statement, 21 days after the mailing date. If this condition is not met, the annual interest applicable to the credit card holder will be calculated according to the outstanding amount including the unpaid monthly instalment. No membership or renewal fees. Credit fee example for a 30-day billing period at an annual credit rate of 19.4%: daily average outstanding balance: $100; Credit fees: $1.59. Interest rates are subject to change without notice. See store for details.